Training report on autocad

In these situations, we can use the MOVE command.

Training Report on Autocad

This saves the design time and also increases the efficiency of the user. Enter I or C. Specify the end point or enter its coordinates. After first point is selected, AutoCAD will prompt you to enter the second point at the Specify next point prompt. This edit box is used to specify the distance between the columns.

A title bar that has AutoCAD symbol and the current drawing name is displayed on top of the screen. This command creates another object that is similar to the selected one.

This command allows you to scale one or more objects from the selected base point. It is defined as the center point of the imaginary circle on whose circumference the items will be placed. This is the value by which the rows and columns will be rotated.

On invoking this command we are prompted to select the portion to be scaled with the help of green window and the base point. Specify second point or: After using this command on the line or any selected entity, there will be space between the slelected points in the line or entity.

AutoCAD Seminar ppt and pdf Report

This edit box is used to specify the distance between the rows. Specify the third point. Specify a new position on the screen using pointing device or entering coordinates.

After using this commandthere will be no space between the lines or entities. Some features of polylines are listed next. We can either enter the distance value in this edit box or choose the Pick Row Offset button to define the row offset distance by specifying two points on screen.

AutoCAD confirms the selection by changing the selected objects into dashed lines and the select objects prompt returns again. We can continue selecting objects or press ENTER to terminate object selection and erase the selected objects.

TRAINING REPORT ON AUTO-CAD. Author Harpreet Singh enabling them to significantly improve product quality. Education in Tool Room and the world is the rapid incrementation of CAD/CAM/CAE software as an essential part of curriculum.

skilled people play the most important role in organization. vi This report is a brief description of the methods we used to study AutoCAD and how we used that knowledge to make AutoCAD useful to undergraduate and recently graduated engineers.

Autocad Summer Training Report

The objective of AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Essentials is to enable students to create a basic 2D drawing in the AutoCAD software. Even at this fundamental level, the AutoCAD software is one of the most sophisticated computer applications that you /5(72). •The AutoCAD instant references is the perfect companion to mastering AutoCAD for Mechanical Engineers.

•It also means that to include a photo –graph in AutoCAD drawing. Contribute content or training reports / feedback / Comments Practical Training reports. Multisoft Systems providing 6 weekss summer training in AUTOCAD, CATIA, MAGMA, SOLIDWORKS, PRO/E, and Inventor, ANSYS, SOLIDEDGE, hypermesh for Mechanical, Automobile & production students,Also proding 6 weeks project training with live projects Live projects and report preparation.

Learn anywhere through Mobile Application.

AutoCAD Seminar ppt and pdf Report


Training report on autocad
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AutoCAD Seminar ppt and pdf Report