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Bankruptcy Rule c Applies to Secured Creditors The day bar date for timely filing proofs of claim in Bankruptcy Rule c applies to secured creditors.

When it was noted that the paper might have to run stories which are critical of Amazon. Simon Kelner was appointed as the editor. In relying on the separation of powers, the Minister argues that his power derives from section 85 2 b of the Constitution, [51] which permits the executive to formulate national policy.

I am satisfied that the disclosure of the remaining paragraphs that is, paragraph 3. Even where the problems are felt most keenly, in North America and Europe, there have been recent success stories, such as the dramatic rise of free daily newspapers, like those of Sweden 's Metro International[54] as well as papers targeted towards the Hispanic market, local weekly shoppers, [55] and so-called hyperlocal news.

In any event, this Court is already seized with the record of proceedings in issue. In my judgement, at the interlocutory phase and in the context of documents protected on a claim that their disclosure may breach national security, a party demanding disclosure in order to prepare its case must, at the very least, say what its case is.

As I said earlier, in that litigation a final judgment has already been delivered and Independent Newspapers did not claim to have an interest in the final outcome of that case. Most of the other proposed form changes could become effective December 1, There will be instances where a party will point to what appears to be a lack of authority or to an improper exercise of authority or to some other unjustifiable conduct on the part of a public official claiming confidentiality of information.

The present claim for disclosure is not made under PAIA. We put out the word on social media. Gonzalez In re GonzalezNo. I will accordingly dispose of this matter as an application for direct access.


My clear view is that where there is a court dispute over the disclosure of information or documents which are claimed to be classified on grounds of national security, a right to preview the confidential material ahead of the resolution of the dispute might frustrate the confidentiality claim and render moot the very decision on the dispute.

The MAC also considered a permit from the KEY Academy to operated a charter school for up to kindergarten through eighth grade students at a building in a residentially-zoned area at Carolyn Street, feet north of Foothill Boulevard.

In light of the objection, this Court ordered on 14 May that the record be made available to the public, but that the restricted materials be kept from public exposure until a decision on the validity of the objection had been made.

Let it suffice to record that, after the exchange of depositions by the intervening parties, only certain paragraphs of the in camera affidavit and parts or all of four of its annexures remained restricted and in contention.

In Novemberthe whole newspaper was overhauled again, including new custom fonts and a vertical masthead in black. I was unpersuaded that it could not adequately prepare its case. I conclude that the objection that the Minister raises is valid and must be upheld. The relief it sought went no further than that it wanted to have sight of the documents concerned in order to prepare its case.

The final version was designed by Carroll, Dempsey and Thirkell following a commission by Nicholas Garland who, along with Alexander Chancellorwas unhappy with designs produced by Raymond Hawkey and Michael McGuiness — on seeing the proposed designs, Chancellor had said "I thought we were joining a serious paper".

Life skills learned in the classroom are practiced in the community. Throughout much ofcirculation stagnated at a quarter of a million. It did not have a direct and substantial interest or an identity of interest with any of the litigating parties. He first put up the constitutional and statutory power of the executive to classify and protect sensitive information for reasons of national security.

Plans were presented to the MAC to expand the park from 1. In some countries, such as Indiathe newspaper remains more popular than Internet and broadcast media. The Post company had sold Newsweek a few years earlier. I conclude that the annexure concerned must not be released to the public.

The tabloid edition was termed "compact" to distance itself from the more sensationalist reporting style usually associated with "tabloid" newspapers in the UK.

Philip Drum, a pharmacist and one of the speakers at the summit. The mainstay of their submission is to urge upon us a procedural approach which has the following features: Section 32 of the Constitution confers on everyone the right of access to any information held by the state or by another person that is required for the exercise or the protection of any rights.

The issue before us is whether an appellate court record, under the authority and direction of this Court, should be made available to the media and the public. We were not referred to, and I could not find, any legislative provision on the classification and protection of information on grounds of national security or any other authority which purports to oust the jurisdiction of a court over any document which forms part of a court record.

Addressing a nasty split among the circuits, the Supreme Court will decide whether the denial of confirmation of a plan is a final, appealable order. As I have found, the present is not such a case. Whilst it would have been preferable to have the benefit of a judgment of another court, sending the parties to another forum at this hour may well work an injustice.

MOSENEKE DCJ: Introduction [1] In a claim premised on the right to open justice, a newspaper group, Independent Newspapers (Pty) Ltd (Independent Newspapers), seeks an order to compel public disclosure of discrete portions of a record of proceedings in this Court.

The state, represented by the Minister of Intelligence (the Minister).

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The Independent is a British online newspaper. Established in as an independent national morning newspaper published in London, it was controlled by Tony O'Reilly's Independent News & Media from until it was sold to Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev in The last printed edition of The Independent was published on.

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